The voice of your next project.


Non-announcer, natural delivery for your product.


Versatile and wide variety of voices when needed.


Listenable, natural delivery for your long form texts.

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Types of Voiceover Services

Voice work comes in many shapes and sizes, here is what I offer. Click on any service for more information


Phone System / Voice Mail

A friendly voice to greet your customers.


Event Host or Emcee

Avoid stagefright, let me host the night.


Video Learning

A voice for your self-guided training.


Explainer videos

Show your product in action.


Radio and TV Commercials

Broadcast ready voice for your ad spots



Long form articles and audiobooks.

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How much is all this gonna cost anyway? The short version: Not as much as you think.

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A great delivery isn’t worth much unless it’s captured on high quality equipment. Here’s mine:

  • Soundproof booth

    It all starts here. My WhisperRoom isolation booth has been specifically treated to maximize the sonic quality. There will be no echoes, reverberation, hiss or noise in my recordings.

  • Premium Microphones

    Any good voice artist should have a cabinet of high quality microphones to capture every nuance. The best microphones don’t come cheap, but are essential to a good recording. Depending on the situation I use two of the highest quality microphones for voiceover today, The Sennheiser MKH 416 and the Neumann TLM-103.

  • Interface

    A microphone connects to a computer workstation for editing. Don’t be fooled by it’s size. This litte piece of equipment translates my voice to the digital bits that you’ll receive in a file. An interface will make or break a recording. This Apogee unit features exemplary preamplifiers and are featured in many top studios’ equipment lists.

  • Digital Audio Workstation

    Once the bits are in the computer. It can be manipulated, edited and mastered to exactly your needs. The best workstations can be optimized for the needs of the client. My workstation is exclusively for voiceover, and it optimized for rapid delivery of high quality audio to your exact specifications. Don’t wait around while someone works around the limitations of their Audio Workstation.

  • Get your


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